Attention Amazon Alexa / Echo Users

Ars Technica: Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors.

Important read for anyone who uses any of Amazon’s internet enabled products. You have to opt out or Amazon is going to start sharing your wifi with complete strangers who are within range.

It’s easy to disable, but please do it before Amazon turns the feature on.

I strongly recommend this step to anyone who values their privacy (and who doesn’t want neighbors mooching off your wifi).


Not to mention that you could possibly be investigated for someone else’s nefarious activities on the internet.

I am fundamentally opposed to this.

Thanks for the heads up, NA!

Looks like its 3rd generation and newer devices. I have a generation 2 device so its not an option in my Alexa app.

The Guardian: Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing.

Won’t beat this up, but thought it was worth one last bump before Amazon turns it on.

I forgot that this also includes Ring devices such as doorbells and security cameras.

Fyi, I think this might only be for newer devices. I’ve checked the settings on both my echo dot and my ring doorbell camera and cannot find the sidewalk settings (both are older models). Checked the Amazon FAQs and it specifically mentions models that are compatible but doesn’t list them.

clt says look at your Alexa app

I looked it up and it’s Gen 3 and newer for Echo devices.

  1. Opening the Alexa app
  2. Opening More and selecting Settings
  3. Selecting Account Settings
  4. Selecting Amazon Sidewalk
  5. Turning Amazon Sidewalk Off

The big spy in the sky goes into effect today.

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