Attn: Lake49er

I met you at the ball game last weekend and you invited me to your cookout. Where do I need to meet you to eat this delicious food?

What the H377 Lake?! Theres a cookout at your place and [COLOR=DarkGreen][B]NinerNation[/B][/COLOR] isn’t invited? Seems a little rude not to invite [B][U]ALL[/U][/B]your hungry friends here at [COLOR=darkgreen][B]NNN[/B][/COLOR]?:unhappy:

No no… he is hauling in a smoker to tailgating… at least that’s what he said!


LOL, bump

I’m going to have to hunt this SOB down :slight_smile:

a smoker shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Worst case senario, you just need to walk around shouting “Lake49er!!” until somebody responds.

F it. I’m going to Monterrey :slight_smile:

F it. I'm going to Monterrey :)
So........ anybody meet up with Lake????

I don’t know but I LOVE me some Monterrey!