Auburn Coach Sounds Off Again About College Football Playoffs

Go Tommy go. Hopefully someone will eventually listen to coaches like him, and then we’ll have something to get excited about with college football. I hope for a 32-team playoff one day, but I’ll settle for an 8-team playoff in the short term.

Here’s some of the ESPN article:

The problem we have is you have 120 universities that are I-A and probably 25 would say they have a legitimate chance each year," he said. “And you have presidents that for some reason look at it more as for the money than having a national championship on the field. They keep coming up with lame excuses about academics. [B]Football players miss fewer classes than anybody[/B].”

Tuberville said he hopes the tenure of SEC commissioner Mike Slive as the current head of the BCS will help aid a playoff structure, but he said he doubts it will happen in his lifetime. :ohmy: Simply put, he said the time has come for an eight-team playoff structure.

“Presidents take the money and go spend it, but they don’t worry about the business of making it better,” Tuberville said. “[B]They keep coming up with excuses, yet we’re playing [the national championship game] Jan. 8. It’s hypocritical[/B].” [/QUOTE]

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I don’t keep up with College football for obvious reasons, but whats the deal with this “extra” bowl game on Jan 8th? They play the usual 4 then have an extra one? Do they pick the teams in this game before the other 4 are played or after? I remember hearing something about it but does anyone know the details.

DI-AA, D2, D3, & NAIA all have a playoff, & get to class.
As does other sports.
W/ the B-Ball Tourney at 65 (really 64,) I’d go w/ 32 for DI-A, & increase DI-AA from 16 to 32.
There are now 32 bowls, for 64 post-season berths out of 119. That’s more than 1/2. B-Ball is 65 + 40 in the Nit out of 323 or so. Almost 3 times as many teams, but not almost 3 times as many playoffs. B-Ball has better standards.

what do the end zone and a classroom have in common?

Few football players on the team go there.