Ayodeji 'Deji' Egbeyemi - 2010 G/F

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[b]Ayodeji 'Deji' Egbeyemi [/b]- 6'4", 200 pound senior guard forward - The lone senior in NCA's rotation, Deji, who is also team captain, can slash and shoot with surprising touch for a player of his athletic caliber. Increasingly, he can pat the rock as well. Charlotte, Marquette, and Loyola Marymount have offered him, while Providence and UConn are monitoring him.

ESPN - 86 rating

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per ESPN:

[size=2]April, 2009: This strong and physical athlete is awarrior. He sprints the floor every time and finishes all drop offpasses created by guard penetration above the rim with power. Egeeymiis a terrific looking athlete that is a box out nightmare. He attacksthe glass on both ends of the floor with great urgency. He has a goodbasketball IQ and has a great understanding on how to pass and cut tothe basket where he regular catches his defender off guard because hecuts extremely hard. Egeeymi must work to hone his ball skills andincrease his shooting range to be more of an offensive threat. Ondefense he is a great anticipator in the passing lanes but must learnto close out under control. Overall this blue collar small forward doesall the dirty work to help his team win.

February, 2009:Egbeyemi has incredible athleticism and quickness which makes him anightmare for opposing defenders to keep out of the lane. He uses hissimply outstanding first step to blow by defenders. The amount ofground that he covers on his first step also makes him difficult tocover, usually getting to the paint from the perimeter in one or twosteps. Egbeyimi fearlessly attacks the rim, though he has to alleviatehis tendency to over-penetrate into trouble. However, he needs toaccomplish this task while not taking away from his bold, aggressivestyle of play. Egebyemi’s aggressive style of play on the offensive endallows him to draw a high number of fouls on defenders, resulting in anumber of free throws for Egbeyemi. He also has very good strengthwhich allows him to finish while taking contact as well as using hisbody to create distance between him and a perimeter defender. Egbeyemihas remarkable leaping ability and will finish above the rim. He needsto continue to use this leaping ability for a mid-range pull-up jumper,which would free him up more to attack the rim. Egbeyemi will hit the3-point shot, but he needs to improve his consistency from the land of3. He has good strength, a developed upper body, and the lateralquickness to become a very good on-ball perimeter defender, though hedoes not dominate on this end consistently at this point.

December,2008: Egbeyemi have very good athleticism, leaping ability, andquickness, which he uses to get to the rim almost at will. He alsocovers a vast amount of ground when he puts the ball on the floor andgets into the paint. Egbeyemi has a complete scorer’s mentality,looking to attack defenders whenever he gets the ball. He would makehimself even tougher to guard if he looks to pass more, instead ofshooting practically every time he receives the ball. The defense knowsthat he will drive to the rim and Egbeyemi has a tendency to dribbleright into defenders. He will also benefit from going left off thebounce as opposed to dribbling routinely to his right. Egbeyemi alsoneeds to learn to utilize jab-steps and pump-fakes, actually puttinghimself into position to score with putting the ball on the floor as hehas a tendency to over-utilize multiple rhythm dribbles to set himselfup for drives to the paint. When he shoots the jumper, he has good liftoff the floor and has dependable shooting ability with range thatextends out to the 3-point line, though he could benefit from increasedaccuracy on his jumper. Given his length and impressive athleticism,Egbeyemi could become a dominant defender, but he needs to devote moreenergy and attention to this end of the court. [/size]

Charlotte 49er announcer is trembling in fear right now.

Looks like what Bobby would love to have at the 3, athletic and plays hard, does the dirty work.

Sounds like a great slasher but I’m not sure how I feel about a 6’4 F especially considering the fact that we have been struggling against taller teams this season. If he can develop a consistent jumper/3 shot it sounds like he would be a nasty shooting guard.