Im assuming no one plays this game. but I do, and its the only game I would have a top10 score in, but it wont record scores!!!

Just thought I would mention that.

I checked the settings and everything seems to be fine so it’s likely just a glitch within the game. Those games are just hacks that have been uploading here so don’t expect perfection.

You are officially dubbed the Backgammon champion as of now though if it makes you feel any better. :tongue:

I call shenanigans! I’ve been playing backgammon longer than him, as I’ve been here longer. I demand the unofficial championship for myself!

i won the school tourny in 1978, i would like to compete for the title.

Roasty your already a champion in something. bTW I cant get past like 25 on balloon hunter.

Thanks JCL, I feel like I’ve accomplished somethig now!

Oh I know this is asking alot, but I would sooo look official with scrolling script under my name.

Ok ok ok, maybe not, but anyone wanna bow down?