Banks status

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By Gary Parrish
January 8, 2005

There is another chapter in the saga that’s doubling as Sean Banks’s sophomore season at the University of Memphis. The question now is whether this is the final installment, thanks to a physical altercation with a teammate and lingering academic troubles that have his career in jeopardy.

Shortly after the Tigers’ 74-67 loss at Texas late Thursday night, sources within the UofM program told The Commercial Appeal there was a rumble in the locker room between Banks and senior Arthur Barclay.

The exchange featured wrestling and a punch. And it was significant enough that Barclay flew home with John Calipari and assistants Tony Barbee and Derek Kellogg following the game.

Banks and the rest of the Tigers remained in Austin and came home Friday morning. But the 6-8 forward did not ride the team bus to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Instead, he traveled in a car with a UofM employee, and then it really got strange.

While assistant Ed Schilling and the team went through security, Banks remained alone near the entrance of the airport. At the gate and ready to board, UofM officials were prepared to return to Memphis without their reigning Conference USA Freshman of the Year. But Banks ultimately appeared, boarded the plane and arrived, along with the rest of the Tigers, in Memphis around 2 p.m.

Three hours later, however, he did not attend a team dinner at Rafferty’s near campus. And according to sources, Banks’s future is now in limbo pending the return of Calipari from UMass, where he was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame on Friday and unavailable for comment.

The fifth-year Tiger coach was scheduled to return to Memphis in the early hours this morning. At some point today, he will meet with the team and presumably come to a conclusion on Banks’s status.

One other thing that could factor into Calipari’s decision is an academic issue. According to sources, Banks still has a make-up exam to take, and if he doesn’t pass it he will be ineligible for the second semester, which begins Jan. 18, or in three games.

That – combined with the fight and an ongoing, Calipari-labeled bad attitude that has already cost Banks a one-game suspension this season – has an aura of uncertainty lingering over the program heading into today’s final practice before Sunday’s C-USA opener against Southern Miss.

Banks, who is averaging 16.3 points and 6.5 rebounds per game, has been barred from media interviews since his return from a suspension on Dec. 19. Thus, he was unavailable for comment Friday.

Wow. I heard the Memphis people were starting to talk about the possibility of him getting kicked off, but I didn’t realize there was another incident which triggered it. He’s a heck of a player, but they might be better off without a guy like him on the team.

Memphis isn’t the only team in C-USA having issues with a player named Banks… Banks’ potential is put on hold

I seriously think one would need to commit a triple homicide before Cal would decide to boot them from the team.

It is widely known that Calapari attracts kids with great talent but questionable heads, and when your trying to build a program you’ve got to take those kids other programs won’t mess with because of their baggage( a la OkSU). However this is the trade-off for that quick talent, thuggish activity and selfishness. Calapari is going to have to re-evaluate his recruiting or it is going to tear his program apart and take his rep down a notch.

[i]Originally posted by DownwithNBA[/i]@Jan 10 2005, 01:50 PM [b] Calapari is going to have to re-evaluate his recruiting or it is going to tear his program apart and take his rep down a notch. [/b]
I didn't know there were still notches left for his rep to fall.

He’s trying to attract players to Memphis State, for Christ’s sake. You mean the coaching life can actually get worse?