Barry Bonds on Steroids, says fellow Balco client

Tim Montgomery, fellow Balco client and the fastest man in the world, has given testimony that Barry Bonds is/was on steroids. To me, this is far worse than anything Pete Rose ever thought about doing with his gambling on games. Bud Selig has no balls though, so nothing will probably ever be done. The fans across America don’t seem to share my outrage though. Just how many dingers would Hank and Babe have hit if they had taken the juice?

Montgomery Testifies that Bonds was Given Steroids

Go ahead and ban 75% of players from the last 15-20 years while you’re at it…baseball is opening something that they will regret later. it’s a mess too big for them to try to clean up. the simple fact is that most fans just don’t care, they don’t want to hear that their favorite players are using steriods. they’d rather just hear nothing about this issue. The MLB put fear in the players and if it’s not too late they should stop now.

I think that cleaning up the game SHOULD be done, but going into past records and taking stuff out of the record books and banning people isn’t how to go about it. the solution i think would be best is just agree to ignore all old drug tests, and just start regular testing. If you go take Bond’s 73 HRs out of the books, how do you know that Big Mac’s were any more legit? They’ve made their point, start regular, mandatory testing and leave the past where it is.

[b]If you go take Bond's 73 HRs out of the books, how do you know that Big Mac's were any more legit? [/b]

To me, that’s the sticky issue: separating what is/is not considered a steroid. After I found out that andro is nothing more than an oral steroid, Big Mac’s record meant nothing to me. A roid is a roid, whether it comes in pure form or a tablet. As far as I’m concerned, Roger Maris still owns the single season title. Sammy, Big Mac, and of course Bonds are all on the juice.

They HAVE to clean it up NOW. It’s not fair to the previous generations, and it’s most unfair to the guy who is busting his @$$ in the weight room (legitamately) and in practice to make himself better the ethical and correct way. It’s not fair to the up-and-coming rookie who may be forced to consider using just to keep is job in the Bigs. What’s sad to me is that in the end, more people will have been outraged over Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s record because of his race than they will be over Barry Bonds breaking Hank’s when he is now a known user of steroids. I can’t wait to hear what Hank says about the great Bonds once this all comes to light.