basden and NBA

I think he may be like Bobbit from cincy last year. be undrafted, then sign with a team in the off season. But I dont know how much he’ll actually play, defense is great, but NBA seems lazier ever year in that area.

Word, Jim-May…word indeed.

If Donald Royal, Trent Tucker, and guys like them can make it, then I believe Basden can.

Eddie seems too decent a guy to be accepted into the nba these days.

I love Eddie and what he brings to the table for us. It is awesome knowing that every time he laceses them up for us that we are going to have the hardest working player on the court. He never gives up and almost always plays smart basketball. His hustle and heart are unmatched.

With that being said, I don’t think he’ll make an NBA roster. I really hope he proves me wrong but Galen was (and is) an amazing defender also and has not made an NBA team yet (mostly because of his offense) and I think Galen is more of an offensive threat than Eddie.

I REALLY hope Eddie proves me wrong, I would love nothing more than to show up to a Niners game in an E. Bad jersey. I’m sure people said the same things about defensive players like Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace also and they had (have) pretty productive NBA careers.

I agree with you Fordniner. Bas lacks the size of a Wallace or Rodman and does not possess the offensive game needed to play 2 in the NBA.