Basden Defensive POY CHARLOTTE’S EDDIE BASDEN NAMED NATIONAL DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR Basden Named National Defensive Player of the Year

Way to go Eddie!!! :clap: :toast:

In addition, CollegeInsider honored other Niners as well:

[b]CONFERENCE USA Coach of the Year: Bobby Lutz (Charlotte) Most Valuable Player: Curtis Withers (Charlotte)[/b] The 2005 Honor Roll

How much are we paying them again? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice to feel appreciated.

Please notice the College Insider Mid-Major poll of April 5, 2005 (click on left side). This is about as official as you are going to get in determining the definition of “Mid-Major.” The reason is that these schools and conferences actively participate in the make-up of this poll and freely associate themselves with it. Any other definition of Mid-Major is purely arbitrary (i.e. “I know it when I see it.”) or incorrectly associated with the BCS (which has nothing to do with basketball). As you will see, the A10 and C-USA are nowhere to be found in this poll.