Basden for National Player of the Year

I am a firm believer, along with most of the Niner Nation I’m sure that if Charlotte got more TV exposure, that Eddie Basden would be a legit candidate for National Player of the Year. Jay Bilas is the only analyst it seems who knows who Basden is, it’s a sad thing to if you ask me. All I know is if they give CUSA Player of the Year to that damn Francisco Sandwich from Louisville, it’s a damn crime!

Timmy, believe me, the C-USA and national media both know about Eddie. Well, maybe everyone but Dick Vitale! :stuck_out_tongue:

Frank Burlison,

[b]The 49ers' Eddie Basden has emerged as a strong contender for conference player of the year.[/b]
Link: [url=][/url]

Seth Davis,

[b]You could do worse than suggest that Charlotte senior guard Eddie Basden is your player of the year in Conference USA.[/b]
Link: [url=][/url]

Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer:

[b]The Charlotte 49ers' Basden should be Conference USA's player of the year this season.[/b]
Link: [url=][/url]

Gary Parrish, Memphis Commercial-Appeal:

[b]...(Eddie) Basden, a 6-5 wing who might not be the best (NBA) prospect on his team but just might be on the verge of earning C-USA's Player of the Year honor.[/b]
Link: [url=,1426,MCA_652_3568859,00.html][/url] [NOTE: site registration may be required]

Todd Rosiak, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

[b]Louisville's Francisco Garcia and Marquette's Travis Diener remain obvious favorites for player-of-the-year honors in Conference USA, but if the [b]Charlotte 49ers continue to play well, don't be surprised if the award winds up going to little-known Eddie Basden[/b].[/b]
Link: [url=]JSOnline[/url]

Well Bilas got a first hand view of Basden last night. He was sitting beside Chuck Howard last night and admiring Basden’s play. I have personally always thought Bilas was the most respectable and reliable of the analysts, so perhaps he knows a good thing when he sees it.

Interesting comment Run about Vitale, Hewitt went on sports radio yesterday and trashed Vitale about his duke favortism, he said it is really hurting Tech with things such as recruiting. Hewitt also emphasized the problem with the hype around the Duke-UNC game and that hype hurting Tech and other ACC teams. He went off. The first year of expansion in the ACC is turning into “season on the brink”. Also a lot of talk about hyping the Duke 2G for NPOY.

Go to one of the message boards and check it out.

More love for Eddie. Don’t know if this was posted already.

[b]Charlotte 49ers Charlotte 49ers (17-4) Last season, BC's Craig Smith was the owner of the title, "Best Player No One Is Talking About." And Utah's Andrew Bogut looked as if he may inherit it this season ... until everyone started talking about him. Who, then, is '04-05's BPNOITA? I think 49ers forward Eddie Basden, who has 51 points and 21 rebounds in his past two games, is a strong candidate. Basden, who has a school-record 78 steals on the season, may very well be the national defensive player of the year, but he's also emerging as an offensive force. His scoring is up more than five points -- from 10.4 to 15.6 per game -- from '03-04. Next two: at Tulane 2/19, vs. Memphis 2/23.[/b]

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