Basden going verticle?

Just got a call from a close friend doing some work for Venture this summer staffing the climbing wall for SOAR, turns out Basden stuck around after the camp being held. The climbing wall in Halton is open for SOAR freshman immediately following the camp for a couple of hours. Ends up they both started talking, he was asking questions about who was climbing and such. After about 10-15min, she got him climbing up on the wall, which apparently took some convincing. He said he’ld come back next week to try again (apparently got up 3/4 the way up the hardest side, which includes an overhanging section). If so… I may get a picture sent to me (which I’ll scan and post). She said that he was a pretty cool guy, easy to talk with and friendly. Once again proving Basden is the man.

He should just jump. Like he needs to climb. :slight_smile:

Steady Eddie, always evolving. I would love to see a picture of him climbing the wall. Deploy the sentinals!!! :bball:

Yeah that would be kinda cool…a nice pic of ol’ Eddie up on that wall.

But you guys are right, Eddie has gotta be one of the most laid back and fun people to talk to ever…this, I learned from sitting next to him in a film class last semester ( when one or both of us wasnt falling asleep). Turns out, he’s also into paintball…THAT was interesting…