Basden is having a great season thus far and a me and a group of friends having a running bet when he will get drafted and by what team. My guess would be late second round 45-50 and hopefully by the hometown Bobcats. Most people said he wont get drafted but end up on a roster somewhere. If he continues playin the way he has been then I think he should get drfted somewhere. ANy insight?

sorry i know its a lame first post on my part but im tryin to make some money here on my bet…

Well I’m thinking high first round. Most likely in the 5 to 10 range. But that’s just my opinion, he might go top 5

I think it was a great first post.


first round somewhere. Is there a chance plav get drafted if he becomes more consistent. Don’t laugh

[i]Originally posted by finalfourtyniners[/i]@Dec 9 2004, 03:04 PM [b] first round somewhere. Is there a chance plav get drafted if he becomes more consistent. [/b]
Plav.... No a prayer. He is too slow for the CBA. He couldn't carry Jobey's jock on the defensive side of the ball, and Jobey was never noted for his D.

well i thought jobey was consistent as hell and was not as one-dimensional as plav…he never got drafted did he…I know he had some tryouts though…HEs too small to be a shooting guard in the NBA but I do believe he would find someway to get his shot off against taller defenders…or he would just shoot it from halfcourt if he couldnt…

Without a deep NCAA run(and the accompanying exposure), Basden won’t be drafted(even with something like that he will be lucky to be a late 2nd rounder). He is the definition of a great college player, a 4 year guy, improved by leaps and bounds every year, can do anything you need him to do on the court. But all-around game isn’t needed in the NBA except for the superstars. The bench players need to be REALLY good at one aspect and solid in all the rest(Eddie is solid all around, but his defense isn’t good enough now to be drafted to be a defensive stopper).

The NBA draft is all about potential, as crazy as it sounds, Martin Iti has a much better shot of getting drafted in the 2005 draft than Eddie or Curtis Withers. I think Eddie will get invited to a team’s camp next year, and hopefully will turn some heads there, but he’s most likely Europe-bound if he wants to persue a professional career.

I can’t imagine him getting drafted unless he develops a jump shot between now an then. Much like Galen Young, he has an NBA body, NBA defense, NBA speed and all the heart but he is just an average college shooter and an average FT shooter and that will keep him out of the league.

Basden has the most heart on this team but will not be drafted.

I think Eddie will get drafted. I see him doing well in the predraft camps and sliding up into the second round. I would be happy to take any friendly wagers.

He might not make it to the league but what are his chances into sliding into a spot on the all C-USA First Team…MOst preseason mags dont even have him on the 3rd team all C-USA…I think 3 spots are pretty much locked up already by Diener Garcia and Withers but I think he could easily fill one of the 2 vacant spots…Mabye some NBA scouts will look at him more closely if he makes the first team…

Unfortunately the NBA does not draft defensive players as it is not in their mind set.

I wish but I just don’t see Basden ever playing in the NBA. I think he will be a great pro over in Europe. Plavich is too slow on defense but I do think he would do well in Europe.