Baseball vs Charlotte Knights

I was just talking with someone last night about us playing one of the MLB teams on their way home from Spring Training. It’s common for MLB teams to get a couple more scrimmages in against college teams.

When I was growing up, I used to go watch my Yanks play Chapel Hill. Coastal played the Rangers on Monday I believe.

Just got a Facebook message saying we are playing the Knights next Tues the 5th at Knights Stadium. Should be some good competition for our guys even though the game wont count.

Beer and Niner baseball is a combination that’s tough to beat.

FYI students can get in for $5.00 so lets get a good student crowd out!

I will be there!

[size=5]A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit the Charlotte 49ers baseball program. [/size]

I will be there.

Maybe I missed it but what time does the game start tonight?


Fun night at the ballpark. Niners matched the Knights in hits with 5, but had 1 bad inning and lost 5-3. Knights scored all of their runs in one inning and other than that our pitchers shut them down. Wilson stealing home was the highlight of the night for me.