Basketball ‘21-‘22 Regular Season 18 Wins - Over/Under

I’ll set the line at 18 Wins. Are you taking the Over or Under?

  • Over (19+ Wins)
  • Under (17 or less Wins)

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We’ve had some pretty pathetic win totals the previous years so taking the Under may be the right choice. BUT I think Sanchez got enough transfers in this season and with the weak schedule, I’m going to be the optimist and say Over. I know, saying Sanchez will have a 19-11 record does sound pretty stupid. If I had to bet my house, I would would probably change to the under. I think we are solid at positions 1-4 although a bit small overall at the 4. The 5 position is our biggest weakness and may be one piece between Sanchez having a great year.

If Sanchez can’t hit the Over with this roster I don’t think he ever will.

If we actually try to score more than we try to keep to other team from scoring we may hit 20 wins. Running the shot clock down (even when you are down) ever time down the court will not work. Don’t think the style of play Sanchez wants will get us to 17.

What has been the average win count since rejoining CUSA?

When is the last time our roster on paper looked better?

Jahmir Young

Clyde Trapp (Clemson)

Austin Butler (Holy Cross)

Brice Williams

Robert Braswell (Syracuse)

Perry Francois (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi)

Musa Jallow (Ohio State)

Jared Garcia

Jackson Threadgill

Marvin Cannon

Luka Vasic

I don’t do expectations anymore. Gave it up years ago. Just go to the games, scream my head off and hope for the best. :pick:

I have to admit, if I was aware when Francois or Jallow joined the team, I have since forgotten. I am blanking on both of them.

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Averaging 12 Wins a year since re-joining C-USA. Most was 17 in our first year back.

FWIW, Francois transferred from TAMU-CC:

Even better. Talented team they have. I updated.

I would really like to see the bench used more this year. On paper, the depth is there. As much as I like Young, I think he can be even better if his minutes are closer to 30 min versus needing to play 37 min. Being able to utilize the bench will allow the defensive intensity to last the full 40 minutes and in turn increase our offensive efficiency. This will be the key to getting to more than 18 wins.


clt says more threadgill!

Sanchez is betting his house, and he was given “over”.

I think the poll should be 12 wins since that is our average in CUSA.

This is really sad that our expectations can’t be any higher than average or less,

We have been trained to “manage our expectations” :rofl: :rofl:

I haven’t been this excited since 04/05. We have a weak schedule and I really believe we can get 20 wins this year . I personally think we have a deep roster this year and If Khalifa can play…we will have solved our Center issue until Sanchez can hand pick a good one he likes

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