Basketball talk, anyone?

Only 17 days until the season officially gets underway!!! :49ers:

[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]49ers annual UNC Charlotte Bookstore Basketball Madness, Thursday, Oct. 19 (9:00 pm - 10:30 pm).[/B][/COLOR]

Sounds like the guys are looking good over there. Should be a fun team to watch and really likable guys. Lee and De’Angelo are shooting lights out. Carlos Williams is looking good and he’s only been back a few weeks. Andersen and Dewhurst have been impressive. Jones runs the court, well, finishes and REBOUNDS.

That’s awesome to hear about Phil. I was nervous when Curt left.



I love the way our expectations are a tad lower this year. I have a feeling everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised.




Man, it’s about time!!

This is without a doubt, the best time of year. Forget Christmas, forget summer, its time for some basketball!! Also, it is finally getting cool outside, football is back on TV, and… and… BASKETBALL IS ALMOST BACK!! I freakin love me some college bball! I cant wait!!!:clap::biggrin::thumbsup::49ers:

Saw Carlos dribbling a ball today around campus talkin to BPhil

Saw Carlos dribbling a ball today around campus talkin to BPhil

Did you try to pick his dribble? Did you try to box Big Phil out? If not, shame on you.