BE commish on C-USA

From the mighty Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese in the Cincy Enquirer:

“Let’s not dance around it,” Tranghese said. "I told (UC athletic director) Bob Goin this: When (Huggins) was in Conference USA and the Louisville program was struggling and Marquette’s program was struggling, there was only one program carrying that league. When you’re a school that has to carry a league, you’re expected to do a lot of things. You feel like you’ve got the league on your shoulders. It’s a form of pressure that’s very difficult to bear.

Link: Big East move takes pressure off of UC

Ahhh, thanks for the love Mikey :wacko:

The pressure was so great, it caused Kenyon Martin’s leg to break.

Just like Miami was carrying the Big East in football…

I guess it’s enough that it might drive one to drink…