Best Bday Present!

Niners won!!!

Sitting at Picassos drinking, and I literally jumped outta my seat and cheered!!

Go Niners.

Thanks everyone for the bday wishes!! :49ers:

Can we pretend it’s your birthday through the weekend?

It certainly is a great present and I’m damn glad you got it.

I think we should go along with steauA’s idea too. So, happy birthday Gilly!

Told ya.

[QUOTE=SteauA;304382]Can we pretend it’s your birthday through the weekend?[/QUOTE]
Extended celebrations are appropriate in this case.

[B][SIZE=6][COLOR=Green]Happy birthday Gill![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Damn good day for a birthday! I declare this Gill’s Birthday week! Let’s keep it up!

happy birthday GILL… GO NINERS!!!

It’s still Gill’s birthday… Mods, get on it! His name is missing from the birthday column!

edit: …or you could just change your birthday to today, then tomorrow, then the next day. That works too.

I know I called you, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!!!

Expect another one tonight!

Told ya.

Damn you Utter and your logic!!!