Best G5 coaching jobs - tiers

College football coaching job tiers: Boise State, Houston, UCF lead the way in Group of 5 College football coaching job tiers - Boise State, Houston, UCF among most attractive in Group of 5
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Very interesting list/read and offers good perspective on where our program thanks against our peers.

I can’t copy and paste pieces of the article on my phone, but the writer put us in tier 4 of 5. Reading how the tiers are defined, this is likely due to the newness of our program and small stadium size. But the blub written about us was generally positive and said our recent opening drew a lot of serious interest among coaches.

Was interesting that we were one of the first programs mentioned in tier 4.

Most of the AAC jobs were tier 1 or 2. Colorado State was basically the top tier 3 job.

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i know that mike houston was interested in the job, but i wonder who else were some of these “accomplished” coaches.

don’t get me wrong, i love will healy more than life itself but would love to see just who else was interested other than houston and healy.

clt heard billicheck considered our HC position

charlotte >>>> new england