Betting the Niners 2014-2015

Just locked in the Charlotte -4 vs Elon $55/$50

oNLY -4? Thought it’d be -10 or more.

What’s claytons and Sullivan’s status?

[quote=“cibik02, post:3, topic:29138”]What’s claytons and Sullivan’s status?[/quote]Sullivan will play. No word on Clayton yet.

You sure?

You sure?[/quote]That’s what was said on the radio.

Locked and loaded…Charlotte +3 vs PSU
YTD: 1-0

Tru is in the money!

Early season seems to be a great time to bet on the Niners. You just have to lay off after the first few weeks.

Is there a line for our game tonight? Haven’t seen anything.

Depending on the site, South Carolina -2 1/2 to - 3 1/2.

Laying off the Charlotte-USC game…I stick with my Toledo bet

Laying off??? What are you implying?

Should always bet your niners, especially after they rewarded you twice in a row

Give me the 8

Wow +8 is a hard bet to make given our recent history against Miami teams, if I was betting $50 I would have to bet on

Home Cooking

Betting on Charlotte just adds an additional level of potential disappointment :smiley:

Mad man, did you forget we were playing Miami tonight? You have Braxton insider knowledge? I sure hope you are right but no way I could lay $100 on us plus the points in this game.

At 5.5, I’d rather take the money line with a substantially better payout. I don’t think we lose this game by 3. I think we either win, or lose by 12+