Big time props from katz

Charlotte and Utah deserve plenty of love for the way each team has mowed through their respective schedules of late. ESPN should consider getting out of the coaches’ poll if Charlotte can’t crack the poll this week. It has long been a joke and teams like Charlotte consistently get edged out for weeks. Bring back respect to the poll and put the 49ers in!

:clap: :grin: …It bring’s a tear to my eye…Thank you andy katz, I love you…even if no one else at espn gives a sh*t…

Finally people are realizing, ACC does not equal basketball. There are other teams out there as good if not better. Charlotte’s getting it done, and respect can’t be denied.


Someone quote Katz on the Whiner Line. :slight_smile:

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Jan 27 2005, 03:28 PM [b] Someone quote Katz on the Whiner Line. :) [/b]
Don't do that. Packowski will just say, "That's H-Y-P-E for you." Then in the next segment of his show, he'll bring on a guest that works for ESPN. What a hypocrite.

Katz has consistently supported the Niners & Lutz even when the rest of the so-called experts have ignored us. More reason to read his column religiously instead of the others who list their top teams based on reputation or past seasons rather than recent play.

we just need to keep winning. We cannot fall asleep at ECU. THIS IS A TRAP GAME - BIG TIME. They want us bad because they know we won’t be going down there anymore.

Coach said it in the post game - this is probably their biggest game of the year. They have never beat us - so they will be hungry.


I have the greatest respect for Andy Katz. In my opinion he is the Peter Gammons of College Hoops. I find him to have great insight on the sport. Funny story:

The night of the Alabama game if you remeber correctly they ahd a problem with the lights. Well, that game was the same day as the Kentucky vs. UNC game. I am standing in the back tunnel where the 49ers come out from and I go through the double doors only to see Andy Katz walking into the arena. I unfortunately couldnt talk to him for reasons only a few people would understand. I did however point at him and put my arms in the air. He said, “Hey you win this game I’ll give you the respect you guys want.” I extended my hand and he shook it. He later went on to write in his weekly column that the Charlotte game was the best game of the weekend and the year so far. Which I am sure you all read.

Just a class act guy.

Either he’s being facetious or he’s tipping his hat to Mike P. with the ESPN disassociating itself from the Coach’s Poll (or both).

Either way, I won’t here it. I admit, I pulled a guilty-pleasure and listened yesterday with all the hooplah. I’m back in hibernation though. Same sh*t, different day.

If (when) we beat ecu, we’ll get in the ESPN poll just in time for the game with sincy which will coincidentally be broadcast by ESPN. Hmmmmm. Nice how that works out.

Katz has always been open-minded about giving teams respect, he finds teams that are good, no one has to tell him. If you want to see the exact opposite check out dickie V, his power 16 basically mirrors the espn coaches poll, what a MORON! Also, if people don’t stop giving michigan state a ranking I’m going to puke, the Big ten is awful!