Biggest whiners in pro sports history

Who are your picks for the all time whiners list?

I’ll start off… Paul O’neal and Sam Cassell.

O’neal whined EVERY time he was called out, and Cassell would tell you he’s never committed a foul in his life.

edit: Id like to add coack Krybabysheshefski

Bobby Hurley - More from college… but i hate the kid so I am listing him.
Rasheed Wallace
Kelly Tripuka - Will never forget him crying when the crowd started to get on him.

Please, people… John McEnroe, hands down. 50% of why he’s famous.

Danica Patrick. Go stomp your feet on the track when your car wrecks, miss thang.

John Calipari. Go stomp your feet on the court when your team wrecks, miss thang.

adam morrison
every game i went to last year (a lot) he would be whining to anybody. annoying dumb f u c k. our shot clock operator at the niner games does the bobcats games too and he3 said it is painful watching and/or listening to the premadona.
i LOVE the bobcats and know they will continue to improve but adam needs to get in line and start making some shots before he has the right to say anything out there.

Kevin McHale never fouled anyone in his whole career.

Jim Mora - When he was coaching the Falcons he whined about everything.

Tim Duncan used to complain about almost every foul called against him. He has curtailed that some this season.

A rival coach once called out Duncan on his constant whining and said it was unseemly for a player of his stature.

Favorite quote to say to a player who is complaining:

“no one wants to share in your misery”

Rasheed Wallace

Chisox, I wouldn’t call O’Neill a whiner, he was always pissed. Even after HR he had the “I just ate a **** sandwich” look on his face.

Jim Mora - When he was coaching the Falcons he whined about everything.


Diddly-poo (language NSFW)

I’d love to find the clip where Mora called the Saints fans sick when they cheered Wade Wilson’s injury (their own QB).

Dick Vermiel - I am all for showing emotion, but the dude would cry about anything. Man up and deal with it!

Rasheed Wallace

Hands down the biggest whiner 6’-11" haha. I mean he leads the league in technicals and suspensions.

Oh come on people, this is an easy one.

Kobe Bryant

Another obvious one:

Terrell Owens

Bobby Cox

Tar Heels Fans

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