Sorry to post this again but I just re-checked my inventory.

I have 2 of each:

Diego * currently trading for Cornbread *

I am willing to trade any of these for the ones I am missing (Norm, Coach, Cornbread and Jobey)

PM me if you’re interested.

i need all the other one’s besides this years…except for clay because i think he is gay

ill trade a joby for a Bobby Lutz

[i]Originally posted by KTown49er[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 05:11 PM [b] Clay [/b]
Dood! You should have ebayed it the day after you got it


I have an extra autographed jarvis bobblehead I am willing to trade for a diego bobblehead or if someone just has an extra diego one they would like to sell, just PM me.

I have a Diego I am looking to trade for a Jobey. I need a Jobey.