Bobcats Camp

Who do you think has a better chance of making the Bobcats, or at least not getting cut as fast?
Curtis Withers, who’s underperformed the last year or two, & who’s position is saturated with the Cats, or Brett Blizzard of UNCW, who can light up the 3’s?
I say Blizzard has a better chance of making the team, or getting cut later.

crazy question to ask on here although I say blizz

I would love to say Withers, but I don’t think either has a realistic shot. Blizzard can shoot it, but thats about it. Withers has never had the work ethic that it takes to play in the NBA. I hope that has changed. Good luck Curt!!

who else is at the camp, other than the draftees


thanks allie. Its def. going to be interesting to see how he does.