Bonus Play

We have 4 games left in the regular season lets see how we do. We all know that we suck on the road and are really good at home. It is interesting that we never seem to face Western Kentucky, Ltech, and North Texas very often at home in basketball and football. That being said the bonus play is from Feb. 23-March 6 I hope we have a home game on Feb. 29. My parents are coming here from California and my Dad graduated from this fantastic university in 1978. He hasnt been back to Halton to watch a game since 2012 so I would like to take him to a game. GO NINERS!


Change his return flight to Sunday night and you can take him to see FIU @ Charlotte on 3/1. Likely an afternoon game

That FIU home game will more than likely decide 4th place in the league and that all important 1st round bye in the CUSA tournament.

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I want us to make a statement against NT
without the home cookin calls !

Regardless, this has been an entertaining team at home, but we’re not gonna make any post season noise. If the 3’s arent falling the coahing staff has NO back up plan
Get a Juco post player so we have him at least 2 years and take presssure of our perimeter guys.
We need toughness on this team other than Malik and Coop !

we’ve actually won many of our games this season without our 3’s falling. we hit 4 against davidson and 5 against wake, for example.

We only took 12 in each of those gamea .
Davideson sucked from.3.
Against Wake we hot 18 of 23 free throws.,
And that was gamea 2 and 3 of the season when no one yet knew how to defwnd us.

they had a season of film of us playing the pack line last season to look at. davidson sucked from 3 bc we played good defense.

Any news on viewing options for bonus play? ESPN+ or CUSA TV?

Nevermind just saw this

CHARLOTTE’S BONUS PLAY SCHEDULE (Games played in Halton Arena in Bold)
Saturday, February 22 at 7 p.m.: Charlotte at WKU (Broadcast: CBSSN on Facebook)
Sunday, March 1 at 2 p.m.: FIU at Charlotte (Broadcast: Stadium on Facebook)
Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m.: North Texas at Charlotte (Broadcast: CBSSN on Facebook)
Saturday, March 7 at 7 p.m.: Charlotte at Louisiana Tech (Broadcast: CUSA.TV)

Thats one hell of a scouting job when we has 6 new playera this year. Teams had no way of knowing how those guys were gonna fit in the “offense” if we can call it that, or how effective they’d shoot.
Without a post defender the pack line is hit and miss at best !

That’s a pretty shitty broadcast schedule.

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Agree. I spent half of the Marshall football game trying to figure out how the heck to watch Stadium on Facebook. Ended up hooking my laptop up to the TV with an hdmi cable. I’m already paying for ESPN+ & CUSA TV so would have been nice to have it on one of those networks.

So… if it’s on stadium on facebook will it also be on stadium on PlutoTV? I wanna watch these on a TV. Almost feels like punishment for the end of the season. Plus has been amazing.

I have a Chromecast, and can put anything in my Chrome browser up onto my TV. Do the other streaming devices not do something like this too?

I have that as well but in my bar room the tvs have built in roku’s and no chromecasts. I usually watch games in there.

It’s not the same as the Stadium channel so the only way to watch is on Facebook live. I have Roku & tried screen casting from my phone but the connection was much better with my laptop & the HDMI cable. Probably an easier way to do it but that worked the best for me.

You would think with bonus play being supposedly more meaningful games at the end of the season the viewing options would be better. Like at least ESPN3 or something easily available.

clt likes espn plus

The Roku’s should have the Chromecast ability built in as well.

I have never used this since I do have a Chromecast, but I think it works just as well (sorry if it doesn’t).

Not sure about other streaming devices, but you can download the Facebook app on Apple TV. It allows you to stream live broadcasts from Facebook. It works well for us.

Is the crummy TV schedule for bonus play due to games not being announced in time for networks like ESPN to broadcast them? That alone makes me not a fan, since those should be the most widely viewed games.

I don’t have a freaking clue what the FB channel is since I’m not on FB, so pretty bummed my investment in ESPN+ and CUSA Tv can still only get me so far throughout the season.

Go to Google and set up a fake email address, then go to Facebook and set up a fake account using that email address. After the tournament you can just abandon the accounts.