BoT meeting Tuesday. Mike Hill to present Athletics Update

Agenda (PDF)

Any idea what the naming opportunity is in closed session?

Naming of what? Probably sensitive donor putting name on something that needs approval.

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Collie Field @ Hayes Stadium? :grinning:

Please do a double deep dive background check before we put a name on anything anymore. I know. They could screw up later , but God, I don’t want another stinking scandal pile on our campus. Though I’m loving what’s going on at liberty now. I ain’t gonna lie. I love watching self righteous, holier than thou hypocrites get their time in the spotlight they so richly deserve.

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Haha I think that would require him actually give some money vs talking about the money he could give.


clt guesses Centene is involved?

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You guys are killing me! :rofl:

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