Boys, if UR reading...

Withers’ big games usually mean no one else is going to have one. He single handidly destroyed UAB, but they still beat us because he was 50% of our offense. Alabama, the team showed up, but it was Curt carrying the load and we still dropped it. Memphis, he was huge and we lost.

I think forcing Curt to beat you is the best way to win because the other guys don’t get the same looks. Curt is going to put up 15-18 points if you try to stop him, but Eddie and Brendan will get a lot better looks because people play off of him. When you let Curt go and work on keeping Eddie and Brendan from beating you, your team has a better chance of winning.

Now, if Brendan gets hot or Eddie gets his shot falling early, they will have to respect both Curt and the other player meaning we’re in a lot better position to win.