Brad Lambert vs Mike Minter

Pretty ironic that we will face him in our first game after he so publically campaigned for our job. Of course, he also was one of our early football “spokesmen” along with Rucker.

Interesting that he will be our opposing head coach in game one. As anyone on here remembers, he lobbied openly for the HC job here…

Minter is trolling us.

Now we have to beat them

I think not being considered for this job was a wake up call for Minter. He realized that he needed more college coaching experience if he wanted a Head Coaching job. He coached a JCSU and Liberty as an assistant and is now working his way up to HC. I didn’t expect him to get a HC job this quickly, but good for him.

I didn’t think 8-31-13 could get any better, and now it has.

It’s clear he wants to be a coach.

He got the CU job for spite.

Good for him. Im glad I’ll know a little more about Campbell w/ Minter being the HC.

[font=monospace][size=3]246 Campbell AA = 10.16 1 10 35.79( 238) 0 0 | 0 0 | 7.04 246 | 11.99 246[/size][/font][font=monospace][size=3]Well, according to Jeff Sagarin, Campbell was the very worst team in all of DI football last year. If we don’t win game one, we should disband the program before game two.[/size][/font]

ha ha, YES! It all comes down to winning the first game or else…we play game 2.

Good for Minter!

Gave up 70 points to both ODU and Morehead St who we aslo play next year. :o

Just not for Charlotte, but for Campbell…

Yeah I don’t know whether I want to be worried about ODU/Morehead St, or feel bad for Campell.

They are bad. Gave up 38 points a game, while throwing a shutout at UVA-wise (of of ECU’s d8 basketball opponent)

We play some stinkers next year. Campbell, Presbyterian, and G/W could have a battle royal for our worst opponent next year.

We should show Minter some love when he comes here. Then whip their butts.

Minter was determined all along to coach the 1st 49er game ever…so, now he gets to do that…albeit from the other sideline!!