Breaking Bad

Anyone else love this show? The season finale is tonight at 10pm on AMC.

What is with the bloody teddy bear and the men in hazmat suits at the White’s pool at the beginning of some of the episodes this season? Has Walt made the transition completely from family man to kingpin?

For those of you have not watched this show, the premise is a 50 year old high school chemistry student in Albequerque has come down with terminal, inoperable lung cancer. So in order to pay the huge medical expenses, and provide for his pregnant wife and teenage son, he does what any good father would do. He teams up with a former drug addict student of his and uses his knowledge of chemistry to cook the most pure crystal meth the South Valley has ever seen. Although dark and serious, wonderful characters often make this show very funny.

If you like the Cohen Brothers or The Wire, this is a must watch. Season 1 is already on DVD.

I just watched the first episode yesterday, so I have some catching up to do. Seems like a great show though.

I’m a huge fan.
This show is disturbing. I chew my nails for an hour and have bad dreams on Sunday nights.


I’ve been watching. I don’t think the acting is always the best, and I’m definitely not ready to put it on the level of The Wire. But I am a fan.

Guess I was wrong. 3 episodes left. Does that mean in the season? Or does that mean for the series?

AMC has already green lighted season 3