briscoe not on roster

i just checked out the updated roster and noticed that briscoe is not on there. does anybody know why?

paging sokool

we’re in trouble if he’s not playing this year.

very much so.

Agreed - DEEP trouble

If Parks is indeed gone and Deuce is gone that leave just Derrio at point and he isn’t a true point.

He wasn’t listed on the previous year roster either. So maybe it’s nothing…

I hope this is a clerical error. If he left, then there goes the season…

No he WAS on the roster last year. It looks like they went back and took him off to me. That seems like a bad sign to me.

I just checked the Roster, & it says no Roster. Does that mean no players? :))

Guys, it’s summer vacation, I don’t put too much stock into what is or isn’t printed right now.

the data was recently put on the site. It was not there as of last week, hopefully it’s just a data entry error.

Where’s the UPS guy when we need him? :o

Really guys, I wouldn’t worry too much right now. It’s summer time.

[quote=“ChevEE, post:11, topic:23408”]Where’s the UPS guy when we need him? :o

Really guys, I wouldn’t worry too much right now. It’s summer time.[/quote]

He just got a new facebook profile recently, no idea why, but it says “UNC Charlotte '13”

no Briscoe = extremely bad news for the team. Derrio is a SG.

If he isn’t playing that puts us in Panic mode immediately

'13 could mean 2013 or the year he would finish up playing at Charlotte.

So if he’s here until '13, what is the damn problem?

or it mean REALLY BAD LUCK! :))

and how can this roster be taken seriously… AT ALL? Phil Jones’ number is the same from last year!

It’s at least very strange that they added Mayfield and Voncina and Briscoe isn’t on there. Hopefully it was just an oversight, but given our history I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be legit.

wasn’t briscoe one of the ones major especially reached out to? or was that somebody else?