Brooks Barden vs Matt Johnson

This will inevitably come up more in the summer/fall, but it’s been on my mind lately. Is there any information floating around that suggests how we plan to use these guys moving forward? Is Matt a 4 year starting QB, or is Brooks expected to come in take the job when we move to CUSA? I’m suspecting that Barden will be RS this season, but after that I’m not clear on what the plan is. I genuinely like and appreciate Matt Johnson for electing to come to Charlotte, and it wouldn’t bother me to see him play QB all 4 years, but part of me is inclined to believe an open competition will take place a year or so from now.


Everything I read on Barden was that he was a steal with some BCS schools coming calling late in the recruiting game. Also, from what I have read is that Barden has a better arm and accuracy and is listed as a pocket passer type QB and does not have Johnson’s mobility. I’m guessing it will come down to a competition with a large part being the style Lambert wants to play.

clt says Barden will be our qb in 2015.

Barden will RS this year (likely), and then the following year you’d have a RS-Fr vs a RS-Jr for competition. Don’t know until we get to that if there’s much to discuss.

Spring practice, I think, starts right after Spring Break. Until the QBs actually get on the field, I don’t see any logical way to tell.

With that said, I believe the goal/expectation is for Barden to redshirt this season.

Once practice starts…if there is a huge difference between Barden and Johnson then “Yes”, the dialogue could get interesting.

As far as my own opinion, Johnson is fine as a QB. He is not great, but he is not terrible. But I am very much looking forward to seeing what Barden brings to the field.

I think this early on the goal is to redshirt as many as we can. Lambert said it best mentioning “putting distance between them”.

I’m really interested to see what Johnson does this season. I think he could wind up being the most improved player on the team next season.