Buy Bobby's house, only $1.3 Million! Interesting facts....

I was house hunting for the last 2 months in Harrisburg and came across Bobby Lutz’s home, he listed the house on 2/2008 for $1.7 Million (wasn’t this near the end of the year when the team was terrible? Did he think he was getting fired for sure after this?)

Then, on 3/20/2010 he lowered the price some $400k. Was he fired already at this time? What day was he fired?

It’s a super nice house, was just wondering how these dates stacked up to how the team was doing and when he was fired.

I think Lutz’s house has been on the market for quite some time. I know it was listed either after the 07-08 season or the dreadful 06-07 season and everyone was speculating that he was leaving/getting fired.

The 2008 was when he had 1 yr left, they didn’t renew and was offered the S. Alabama job. He of course turned down the USA job and proclaimed he was All in, basically fighting for his life. He brought in Coley, Mack, Dijuan and rode Leemire to 20 wins.

3/20 is about 3 weeks after he was fired…off the top of my head.

Has Coach Major purchased a house yet? Maybe he could move right in.

I think it’s amazing that the house went from being sold at $225,000 on 12/1/2002 to listed at $1.7M on 2/6/2008. How is that a $200k house and if it is, how does it jump 655% in five years?! Was it a foreclosure?

The $200k was probably just land and the home was then custom built.


The $200k was probably just land and the home was then custom built.[/quote]

All houses in that community are on 10 acre plots.

clt asks if you are kidding.

clt asks if you are kidding.[/quote]
beat me to it. God I hope so…