Bye Week Blues

The 49ers and Panthers are both off this weekend, what is everyone doing or watching this weekend?

I watched the Southern Miss/Marshall game last night and I’m still convinced we are only a couple players from being right in the middle of things within CUSA. Also, Lackey completely dominated the Cubs last night…very impressive.

The bye is also going to give me some extra time to make some more lineups for Fanduel and Draft Kings, been getting closer to winning one of the big tournaments.

I’m waterproofing the seams on my tailgate tent :))

I’m enjoying my life.

You’re a niner fan; that’s against the rules.

You’re a niner fan; that’s against the rules.[/quote] Can’t live by your rules! ;D

Agreed. After four games in a little over a week (I went to Tampa too) I am excited to have a weekend we no football games to attend. I will watch some on TV but now have time to do some other things. And it’s a long weekend too!!

clt says the strike zone was absurd in last nights game.

No Panthers or Niners football for a week is good for the heart and my marriage.

Fixing crap around the house. Pot of chili slow cookin. WKU dismantling the MTSU team that thrashed us. Next UT game. Then USA vs Mexico at 8pm.

Watching Penn State… they are 4-1 and looking pretty good against a 4-1 indy… I think we improved significantly after MTSU… we’ll know more next week… Hopefully this week allows us to get healthy.

I agree but the Cubs bats were cold, so it really didn’t matter.

Good call on the chili on a rainy day. I just fired up the slow cooker.

Hit golf balls at the local range last night. Drank some beer. Hitting up s local brewery or two today to drink beer. Watching football.

Holy crap… I’m turning into hootie.

clt says discuss this locally filmed video:

I’m shocked… ::slight_smile:

Is the white guy Vanilla Ice’s son?

Watched WKU beat MTSU like they beat us. Then went to a hospitality tent for the race till it got postponed. Now watching Bammer-Arkansas.

This is my first weekend not being at a live Niners game this season, and I’m missing it :slight_smile:

Mine too. In Baltimore visiting family. Good to have some time away from sports agony/stress.

Limited football viewing. Spent the weekend cleaning and doing crap around the house. Managed to get the yard mowed today and a run to the dump. I love football but it is nice to get a break. Watched very little yesterday and today.

Cleaned the carpets and THEN got a new puppy. Not sure why those were done in that order.

Sat around Saturday morning while my fiancée was at a hair appointment, spent the evening at NLP49’s casa for The Brown Samurai’s engagement party.

Sunday had brunch with the fiancée’s family then spent the afternoon & evening at Unknown and Wooden Robot drinking beer with hooner49.