C-USA trivia - no even seed has ever won tourney

From Memphis sportswriter Gary Parrish:

[b]9: Number of odd-seeded teams that have won the previous nine C-USA Tournaments. That's nine out of nine. So Charlotte (2), UAB (4), Houston (6), TCU (8), Saint Louis (10) and Tulane (12) clearly have no shot this week. [/b]

Link: Memphis Commercial-Appeal

Guess the Niners will have the change that!


What he failed to mention was no 7 seed or 11 seed has ever won the tourney either. So that pretty much knocks Memphis and S. Florida out.

1 seed has won 3 times.
3 seed has won 3 times.
5 seed has won twice.
9 seed has won once.

4: the number of times the host team has one the CUSA Tourney. Three of those wins by the host team have come in the last three CUSA Tourneys.

[b]9 seed has won once. [/b]

And that came only after K-Mart broke his leg and SLU wound up winning the tourney. Cincy was probably a 1.5:1 shot to win the tourney that year until the leg broke.

After seeing the Red Sox win the World Series, I think Charlotte can overcome a little thing like even numbered seeding. Now Louisville and the other schools might be the tough part. I just know that I will be there cheering them on from the band.