Call for Help

I posted this under the Lutz Live Roll call thread, but thought 'd create separate posting for it to get some eyes on it:

Hey guys, if anyone within good night time reception of Lutz Live can record the program to their PC, we can archive it here on the site for everyone. I got the OK a month ago to do so from DJ Stout and Real. My problem has been getting something decent enough to put up on the site. Out in Marshville, the signal is good in the day, but gets sketchy a lot at night. I’ve tried multiple times and just can’t get it clean enough.

Let me know here or via PM

Is there an online broadcast of this? Or would someone have to plug their radio into their soundcard or something similar to that?

Yeah, it would have ot be an inline on teh sound card or a device like the Radio Shark which allows you to record am or fm at scheduled times. It’s what I’ve been trying to use, just can’t get good enough reception to make it easy to listen to without 800mg of advil… Just too far out for the hamster at night I guess…