Cam Newton

Expect an NCAA announcement within hours suspending Newton from Auburn football program. I know, go ahead and move this to a different forum. Sports news just the same.


It’s all over ESPN today.

I think I can hear TF’s sobs all the way in Durham.

Newton’s father is an idiot, running his mouth saying he’ll neither confirm or deny. Most of the time when that is said, you’re guilty.

That would be a truly wow moment.


Here is a piece of OLD information, from 2001…

Auburn was the first school in the SEC to go on probation for football. They enjoy the rare distinction of being put on probation twice in a single year, which no team in NCAA history besides Auburn has ever experienced. They are second in the nation in football probations with five. They have been put on probation a total of 13 years since January 1957, or *30%* of the time for the last 44 years. From 1957 to 1995, Auburn was on probation 33% of the time. That's a year of probation out of every three for nearly forty years! Auburn's six probations in that span work out to an average of a probation every six years or so, with an average length of over two years. From 1951 to 1998 -- NEARLY 50 YEARS -- Auburn didn't have a single head football coach who didn't operate under probation at some point. - [url=][b][/b][/url]

What a waste. If all the stuff is true about him, I’m glad it’s coming out now than in 4-5 years from now like the Reggie Bush stuff did. A $60,000+ scholarship is not enough for some of these kids, and that’s sad.

On a side note, if Auburn has to forfeit their wins then LSU is right back in the “national title” hunt.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik 15 minutes ago: “Cam Newton will be playing.”

[quote=“UNCCTF, post:9, topic:24287”]Auburn coach Gene Chizik 15 minutes ago: “Cam Newton will be playing.”[/quote]Is that similar to how coaches say they won’t leave a school or team, and then leave the next day?

Just last week the NCAA was acting like they investigated this in the summer, & found him innocent. So what came out since last week?

Lew, a Bama fan laughing at probation? Seriously?

Stop the presses - I agree with SCK on something.

So much for that.

According to the Mothership, Mississippi State informed the SEC and the SEC informed the NCAA of these allegations against Newton last January. WTF is taking so long to wrap this up, and why is this stuff emerging in the media right now? This stuff should have been investigated and resolved before practice started. And if there is no new information, then the NCAA needs to open its mouth and say “the investigation is over pending any new information”. But no, they won’t help put this to bed one way or the other.

Not to defend Chapel Hill, but they had several athletes miss 1/2 the season before being cleared. (They have sense decided to RS.)

How did Cam not miss any games at all? All of this was resolved before Sept.?

Cam has been cleared by the NCAA.

Good for Cam, unfortunately this has the making of a “NCAA sanctions 5 years down the road for Auburn” scenario.

Now imagine all the greedy Dads, Uncles, etc. that are going to try and get money without the player knowing it? (Not saying it happened, but it will let others think they can do it)

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