Campbell Predictions

This board has been depressing lately, so I think it’s time to lighten the mood. Let’s hear your game 1 predictions.

NINERS win, 49-14.

I think we win by a little less than last year, but I still expect a blowout.

I’m thinking like 35-14. It’s not that I expect us to be worse or Campbell to be significantly better, we just had several things go our way in that game last year that pushed up the score.

45-17 Charlotte. I think we will get their best shot, but we just have too much talent.

63 to 7

100 to 0

Is that you CHP?


Campbell will be fired up and will score first, somehow. But we take control and win 28-14.

if we only win 28-14, i will indeed panic as i’m sure will everyone on this board.

38-10 Niners win.

Charlotte - 38
Campbell - 17

Charlotte: a lot
Campbell: a few

Charlotte 56
Campbell 13

I heard a rumor that Campbell molests collies. :))

Opening Line: Charlotte (-17) @ Campbell via 5Dimes

I’ll take that all day.

I’ll take that all day.[/quote]
No Joke that is a Gift from Vegas

[quote=“stonecoldken, post:14, topic:28966”]53-2.
I heard a rumor that Campbell molests collies. :))[/quote]
As in Tim Collie?

No, as in Caddyshack, “You’re uncle molests collies.”

Charlotte - 42
Campbell -17