Campus Construction Update


Computing and Informatics Building

This new building will cost an estimated $48.5 million. It was designed because “a preliminary study has shown that the college will need 120,000 square feet of space for offices, teaching, research, student advising and engagement and other essential functions.”

Engineering Innovation Hall

This new building will cost an estimated $46.8 million.

Looks like two, maybe three (depending if they move the early college away from CRI) new buildings at CRI in addition to the hotel, plus a north entrance.

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Early college is supposed to be moved between EPIC and Grigg.



About time they schedule renovations for the business school. Our b school is about the same size as catawba college b school. And to mention its old as dirt when comparing to any other reasonable university.


University City Superstreet

The word “pedestrian” doesn’t appear anywhere in that project summary.



Closing the Back Creek Church Road rail crossing should have already happened but better late than never. Will definitely help auto traffic flow that gets ridiculous at rush hour with the nearby NC 49 / I-485 interchange.

And emf is right to ask that question. I can remember a time when I would a go for a run starting at Belk Gym then heading off campus through College Downs over across Old Concord to John Russell, then Back Creek Church to UC Blvd. Those days long gone but thankfully there’s the greenway system, imperfect as it is.