Campus Crime Down

Could this have anything to do with our hiring a Chief that was a real police officer this time? ::slight_smile:

what is a sky tower?

Who do those actually do?

Surveillance. My understanding is that you can have an officer and/or remotely monitored cameras in them. I saw a bid for them a few months back and one of the requirements was it be able to transmit video something like 5 miles.

They have caught the license plates of a few hit and runners on campus.


WTF. turn one of those bitches into an AT-AT now. then you could have a mobile skytower. i bet admissions would go up if we had one of those.

Someone hates their dog.

Push the Sky Tower & the Dog-Bot over.

The fact that crime is down is good news, 30% is impressive. I sent an email to Chancellor Phil in 2006 during that summer we had like 4 robbery’s on campus in a 3 week period. There were a couple incidents where students were getting shop with BB guns while walking from class. I thought it was getting ridiculous so I wanted to hear what campus police was doing about it. I got a call from the police chief at the time (was that Miss Playboy…??) and she proceeded to tell me what they were doing to stop crime on campus as well as answer all my questions. I was surprised how helpful she was… very surprised I got a phone call in the first place.

Anyways… it seems the new police chief has taken an serious stance on safety and really beefed up the police presence. Those blue light poles along campus are nice too. They need to get ride of the Section 8 housing across from greys. That’s where half of the crime stories come from.

clt says 911 is a joke.

You are not the first to have mentioned this problem.

You are not the first to have mentioned this problem.


public enemy - 911 is a joke ( HQ )