Caption #2

The NIT makes me so excited that I want to dance, dance, dance!

I don’t have a caption, but what in the hell is he doing? :o

OK, just watch me. It’s so simple, you Sissy Marys!

Playback! On three…

Push out your hands, stick out your tush, hands on your hips, give 'em a push, do it again, you’re doing the French Mystique … voilà!

Check my new move and . . . you can eat your heart out James Brown ! ! !

Coach Herb demonstrates how his team will choke on Niner teabags on Friday.

I feel pretty…

this picture was taken at the red and ahite game about 4 yrs ago when herb was trying to show he had an punce of personality. The season before he had benched tim wells on senior day which irritated state fans tremendously. I was at the red and white game when herb did this. He was dancing with mean gene and slappy who were a dancing duo put on the video screen during timeouts to taske fans attention off of the pummeling state recieved every game.

New Poll Who’s a Worse Dancer Herb Sendek or Mark Madsen.