Caption Time

“If I get to be this big, will that get us a bowl win”???

I’m no small fry myself, but those pants have to be 48+ in the waist.

damn that gas x didn’t relieve my constant bloating.

Come on, that was my last cheese fry!

WTF!? It says all you can eat. Why did you take my plate away?

Give me a break, ref.
I haven’t seen my wang in five years.

“How can I be sure that this is love… beyond comparrrrrrrrrre”


Coach demanded his money back after his new belt did not have the slimming effect that was promised in the advertisement.

“I challenge the call on the field, this is NOT a Fupa.”

But these boobs are all real baby!

Not my clever quote…but I heard a guy on Jim Rome today say that Charlie was wearing TURTLENECK PANTS…