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Luke Kuechly does not “gush”

Or maybe he does:

If they take Richardson the coaches have more faith in themselves than anyone else does, he’s a major project…


We got Thielen!!! I’m starting to get pumped for this season!

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Serious question: how much tread does he have left on the tires?

Thielen, who will turn 33 in August, had 70 catches for 716 yards and six touchdowns last season. His role, however, started to diminish down the stretch, as he ranked fourth in targets behind younger pass-catchers Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson and K.J. Osborn over the final five games.


Valid questions but I think he’s still better than Terrance Marshall, Shi Smith and Shenault?? Our WR room was worst in the NFL last week, at least now maybe it’s bottom 5 ha ha…

They may have brought him in for his leadership and development of younger receivers as much as performance. Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson developed while lining up on the other side of the field. It’s hard to know how much of an influence he made on them as pros but he’s a low risk signing who makes the receiver room immediately better with a veteran presence. He’s may not be the pro bowl player he used to be, but he makes the team better.

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I’m not critical of the signing. I just wondered if he would help much on the field.

I think the team still needs a bonafide #1 and #2 WR.

Maybe Thielen could be a #2 if he can handle enough snaps. But we would need a big time playmaker with some real speed at the #1. Not sure if Fitt is going to go get that.

What I don’t see Thielen as is a #1. Just too many miles on the odometer

That contract is a concern.

I think this just shows we have to take a WR with our only second round pick, and hopefully he’s more Devante Adams and less Terrance Marshall.

Not to bag to much on Marshall but he’s close to being called a bust, we need to nail this draft if we are going to be 500 this year.

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clt knows a local WR who could be an option in round 2, he wont’ even need to relocate.


Drafting a receiver early should probably be standard practice now. The cap money the best took up last season was a huge spike. Although, it did work out very well for Philly.

The guys drafted in the first 3 or 4 rounds should be starter capable by week 3. Fresh young legs with mandatory low cost contracts…It’s good the panthers finally have some cap room this year and next, but I don’t like them trading draft picks.

clt says you can buy cmc’s uptown place

I LOVE Luke… but this take may be why he didn’t last long as a scout. :slight_smile:

(Seriously - I am intrigued by Richardson too… but late first or second round max. Any higher is too big a risk for me)

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