CBS Sportsline's Preseason Hoops Mag

Read most of the CBS Sportsline preseason Hoops mag at lunch today. Lots of Niners mentions. Withers Q&A near the front with nice sized picture and praise. Lutz was rated 5 star coach and was part of a college coaches Q&A article they did. Some of his interesting responses (paraphrased):

About conference shifting & the Big East: It’s bad for the game. ACC wont be what it was. The Big East is too big and will split again. (Lutz already thinking about that timeframe?)

About recruiting one & done type of players: Most schools have to recruit the best players they can get. Not everyone can be that selective. In his opinion though, the optimal mix is one short termer surrounded by four year players.

All in all, a lot of Niner mentions and they were all positive. But then they went and ranked us #37, and pretty much predicted a repeat of last year for us (#10 seed losing to #7 seed Boston College in round one). No mention of Withers on any of the three AA teams, though they did put Ike Diogu & Craig Smith (both similar players) on there on the 2nd & 3rd teams, respectively.

Sometimes I wonder if the staffers who writeup the teams communicate at all with the ones who rank them…?

Saw Street & Smith’s too. But that’s already been discussed, I believe.

What do you expect from CBS, a second rate company

Interesting comment about a Big East split. It seems logical, not sure how long it takes for the power struggle to ensue between the football schools and the basketball only schools.

There seems to be a few of the schools that will be on the outside looking in, in that conference. It sounds like that time frame is on our radar, and a break-up could benefit us.

In a conference like that, it is envitable that a strong bball or football team begins to slip, they first blame it on the coaches and ADs, they get new coaches and ADs, have the same problem and then begin to blame it on the conference.