CCT analysis: Is your A-10 team Inside?

Latest statistical analysis from CCT measures offensive tendancy to attack closer to the basket. Based on history, the team at the top of the list for 2009-10 season quite a surprise! Statistical Analysis: Is your Atlantic 10 team Inside?

spears and braz putbacks?

huh… interesting.

If you look at the analysis, it bases itself off Free Throws Attempted. It was no secret we were good at getting to the basket last year.

The problem with stats like this is that they don’t take in to account shot quality. Teams like Duke rank poorly on this scale, but generally those teams are getting great looks from mid to long range. The problem we had under Lutz lately is that our shooters were encouraged to take shots, and a lot of the time, not necessarily good ones. When the screens didn’t work, we forced up a contested look. However, last year we did work the ball inside a lot, and Shamari is great at drawing fouls, hence our FTA jump.

As this analysis is based on conference games-only stats, we were tied with Dayton for 8th in 3-pointers attempted this past season and finished 9th in shots made (94 for 296; .318%). 2009-10 A-10 Men’s Basketball Stats - Conference Games Only

Really surprised this thread didn’t generate more comment. Anyway, decided to look back at the conference stats since we started play in the A-10 in 2005-06.

[ul] [li]Literally went from 1st in 3-pointers attempted that inaugural season to tied for 8th this past season[/li]
[li]During our first 4 seasons in the A-10, 3-pointers accounted for between 41% and 45% of all shots taken, while it dipped to 31% in 2009-10 [/li]
[li]Last season marked the first time we attempted fewer than 300 3-pointers in conference play (previous low 374 in 2007-08 with a high of 406 in 2006-07)[/li]
[li]Went from a middling team on FTs attempted to the most attempted this past season[/li][/ul]
So more than just Spears and Braswell putbacks!

NOTE: stats reflect conference games only

All FGs = 384 made of 917 attempted
3PTs = 151 of 379 (most attempts in A-10) - 42% of all FG attempts
2PTs = 233 of 515
FTs = 210 of 320 (5th most FT attempts in A-10)

All FGs = 377 of 906
3PTs = 144 of 406 (2nd most in A-10) - 45% of all FG attempts
2PTs = 233 of 500
FTs = 221 of 319 (8th most FT attempts in A-10)

All FGs = 379 of 908
3PTs = 135 of 374 (2nd most in A-10) - 41% of all FG attempts
2PTs = 239 of 534
FTs = 252 of 360 (4th most FT attempts in A-10)

All FGs = 375 of 941
3PTs = 108 of 384 (2nd most attempts in A-10) - 41% of all FG attempts
2PTs = 267 of 557
FTs = 199 of 304 (10th most attempts in A-10)

All FGs = 375 of 917
3PTs = 94 of 296 (tied for 8th in A-10) - 31 % of all FG attempts
2PTs = 281 of 621
FTs = 298 of 411 (most attempts in A-10)

Anyway, I do realize that our lesser reliance on the 3-pointer had much to do with the addition of Spears and Braswell, so it will be interesting to see what happens in 2010-11. New coaching staff should mean new offensive schemes, but just have to wonder if the percentages will mirror this past season or will Major give the “green light” to Green and Briscoe over looking to Spears and Braswell first?