Cedric Maxwell Interview

For those of you who get Channel 22 on Time Warner and Adelphia:

Cedric Maxwell taped an interview with David Dunn, Associate Vice Chancellor for Alumni Affairs several weeks back. It was taped as an episode of UNC Charlotte Alumni Today. It is scheduled to air for the first time on Monday August 29th at Noon and 7 pm. I was at the taping and it is pretty good stuff. Cedric talks about the old days and tells some great stories from his days as a Niner and a Celtic.

Over the next two weeks there are some other 49er basketball related interviews scheduled to air. An interview with Henry Williams re-airs on September 2nd and 4th. An interview with Bobby Lutz re-airs on September 3rd. For a complete schedule of interviews, you can check out the show’s web site.

UNC Charlotte Alumni Today

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