Center City Building "You a foreigner? No class for you!"

After taking classes for most of the spring semester in UNC Charlotte’s Center City Building uptown, as many as 100 international students have been told they won’t be able to finish the classes in the building. University officials discovered in November that because the building is considered a separate campus, they are required to get the building accredited “as an instructional site” by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, UNCC spokesman John Bland said Wednesday.[left] Read more here: [url=][/url][/left]

wait til the trolls start rolling out of bed and commenting on this one…sheesh.

We were told about this in class yesterday. You can tell the teachers either don’t want to tell us the true story or they really have no idea what is going on. Most of us students think the building was rushed because there has been questions and problems from day one.

They point out international students, are they the only ones affected by this?


Well they better get it right before they start construction on the next center city building.

Sorry Gill, you need to GTFO.

clt blames the observer.

Here’s what I don’t get. Was our old uptown location (in rented space) considered a separate campus? And if so, why didn’t the accreditation transfer with the move? Are they accrediting the programs or doing a building inspection?

This is the type of gov’t regulation that I don’t understand.

It’s good enough for OUR citizens, but not for International ones.