"Chancellor for a Day" Canned Food Drive

If you played your cards right Lew, I might donate my fee to NNG.[/quote]

I guess I had better start kissing ass…

After a $20 NNG membership fee, a $1,000 travel grant from SGA (that’s another story… >:( ), and not including athletic fees we pay each semester.

bump. don’t forget to bring cans to the game tomorrow night.

[quote=“HP49er, post:32, topic:24157”][quote=“J Felt, post:7, topic:24157”]I’m confused, why are you surprised? Major has volunteered for most things on campus, even letting himself get locked up to raise money for Dig Pink. He ran in the 4.9er K on Saturday, if I heard correctly as well.

He stayed until the end of the Childress Vineyards event talking with any casual fan that wanted to meet him as well. I don’t get your early criticisms.[/quote]
Not saying that this was the case for these events you mention Feltis, but are you aware that as part of Major’s contract, he gets bonus $$$ for making appearances and speaking during the year?

Anyone who wants to schedule me for an event, the fee is $1000. :p[/quote]

Still didn’t answer my question why metr, er, gangreen, was very very surprised.

bumping again. don’t forget.