Charlotte 49ers Football Marketing

I dunno if this has been discussed yet, but given the university’s marketing attempt with basketball, Belk Business, and other billboards around Charlotte, I think it would be awesome to get some Charlotte 49ers Football billboards up. Reason- My father and I were driving home from southern Georgia and we saw a billboard that said, “Georgia State Football…Coming to you in 2010” along with the official sports logo on and pretty nice backdrop. It was pretty nice, and a great way to get interest in the general public and primarily the million of “passer bys” on I-85 who might not know much about us.

Your idea is a good one in theory, however, do we dare doom football before it even starts? Any time we’ve put up a basketball billboard, horrible things happen. Horrible.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see something go up once it is an official go (initial goals met).

that means everyone buy those FSLs!