Charlotte 49ers Football Scholarship Fundraiser BBQ

Since we lost the other thread, I will start a new one.!/event.php?eid=277792113846

[table][tr][td]Date:[/td][td]Thursday, February 18, 2010[/td][/tr][tr][td]Time:[/td][td]11:00am - 7:00pm[/td][/tr][tr][td]Location:[/td][td]Parking lot of the Harris Teeter on Hwy 49 (across from campus)[/td][/tr][/table] is proud to announce the first annual BBQ fundraiser to benefit the University’s first football scholarship fund. Plates of hickory smoked BBQ (with beans, slaw, and a bun) are available for $9 each. We are also selling BBQ in bulk. A pound of BBQ is also $9. To pre-purchase tickets, visit Please pre-purchase to help us with our preparations.

BBQ may be picked up beginning at 11am from the Harris Teeter parking lot on Hwy 49 across the street from campus. At this time, there will not be on-site dining available. Orders of 15 or more are eligible for delivery.

Please contact us with any questions at;jsessionid=A43D72C4573AF27997F8F5415A249C60.qscstrfrnt03?productId=54&categoryId=1


This is a week away!!

Yours truly will be delivering, that should bring in some orders!

First current student to send me a PM with a funny joke will get their BBQ paid for by yours truly.

I won’t be able to make it, but I’ll be donating to the cause regardless.

Just bought my ticket for a pound of Q! :smiley:

Students, brave the snow for Homecoming Tip-Off tonight at the student union, BBQ tickets will be on sale.

Wish I could come.


NWA, 49erAlumnus, what’s the word on Fox News Rising coming out, are we more than penciled in?

so I bought some tickets through the website- but did not receive physical tickets… is there a list of names or something, do I just show up demanding my BBQ?

Well, you can demand it if you want, but it’ll work a lot better if you just ask for it. :slight_smile: Once you have placed your order, we put your name and order on the list so that we know what to give you when you arrive. If you want to bring something with you, you can print out the reciept that you got via email, but it really isn’t necessary.

Thanks for supporting our efforts!

clt asks about the hot sauce options.