Charlotte 49ers Midfielder Steps Out of Her Older Sister's Shadow

Charlotte 49ers Midfielder Steps Out of Her Older Sister’s Shadow


Charlotte, N.C. –

Lindsey Ozimek finished her college career at Charlotte as the school’s all-time leader in assists. Charlotte 49ers head coach Jon Lipsitz describes Ozimek as by far the best player in the program’s history. Despite playing without her older sister for the first time in her collegiate career, Lipsitz expects 2008 to be a breakout season for junior midfielder Hailey Beam.

“You’re always little sister, while big sister is there,” Lipsitz said. “She wants to be the one, the person who wants to take the last shot in basketball or the final putt on the 18th green.”

Ozimek also expects a big season from Beam.

“I think she’ll go above and beyond how she has ever played,” Ozimek said. “When I’m not on the field, she feels the need to fill that role.”

Ozimek married former Major League Soccer player Erik Ozimek in December 2005. Despite no longer sharing the same last name, Beam and Ozimek share a sisterly bond which is evident both on and off the field. Both sisters recall playing soccer against each other in the backyard growing up in South Carolina.

“We’re both so competitive,” Ozimek said. “I’d use my size as an advantage.”

“If Lindsey was winning, I’d quit,” Beam said.

“She used to think that if she quit, then she didn’t lose,” Ozimek said. “I used to run in the house and say, ‘Mom, Hailey quit again.’”

“If I ever won, I’d really rub it in,” Beam said.

“She really pushed me to get better,” Ozimek said. “I always wanted to beat my younger sister.”

Ozimek finished high school early in order to play the spring 2004 season at Clemson where her older sister, Meagan Leopard, was the team manager. After some issues with the coaching staff at Clemson, Ozimek decided to leave Clemson for Charlotte. Ozimek started 17 of 19 games in her freshman season in fall 2004, under former Charlotte 49ers Women’s Soccer Coach Neil Roberts. After Roberts resigned, Lipsitz was hired. The final three years of Ozimek’s career were her happiest as she had the coach she always wanted.

“I hadn’t spoken to my father in four years,” Ozimek said. “Jon helped fill that role. I still talk to him at least once a week.”

Beam finished high school a full year early in order to play two seasons with her sister. Due to this, unlike most highly touted prep athletes, Beam wasn’t heavily recruited.

“I never made a visit anywhere,” Beam said. “I graduated a year early. If I wanted to play two seasons with Lindsey, I had to take all of my classes junior year.”

“It meant the world for me,” Ozimek said. “She’s my baby sister.”

According to Lipsitz the difference between the two players is while Ozimek is the more athletic of the two, Beam loves to play hard and physical.

“Lindsey was the playmaker,” Beam said. “I’m going to have to change my game, because we don’t have that one playmaker anymore.”

“She’s an enforcer,” Ozimek said. “I think she got three yellow cards during her freshman season for sticking up for me.”

In her first collegiate game, while only 17 years old, Beam scored two goals against Francis Marion University in a 2-1 victory. Despite her early success, she didn’t let it get to her head.

“I didn’t think it was easy,” Beam said. “That was a tough game.”

“As captain of the team, I wasn’t harder on Hailey,” Ozimek said. “I just expected more from her than I did from other players.”

Now that Ozimek has graduated, Beam has been elected by the rest of the team as one of three tri-captains along with senior forward Nikki Dumencich and junior goalkeeper Lauren Brown.

Ozimek started her college career at Clemson and ended it playing against Clemson in the 2007 NCAA Tournament. After the first half of play, Charlotte led 2-0. Beam scored the first goal of the game off of a corner kick from Ozimek. A few minutes later Ozimek found the back of the net off of a throw-in.

During the spring, Ozimek was playing for the USA U23 National Team, finding herself a first team regular. She trained with the team in Portland and had been travelling to Europe with her national squad, before her season was abruptly ended by a knee injury. Both Ozimek and Beam feel lucky to have ended up playing their college career at Charlotte under Coach Lipsitz. These days Beam is trained by Ozimek’s husband, who owns and runs the Boot Room Soccer School. Meanwhile, Ozimek continues to rehab a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus, which will keep her out of national team duty for seven to nine months.

two things:

  1. again, very well written.
  2. is it soccer season yet?
two things: 1) again, very well written. 2) is it soccer season yet?
  1. Thanks
  2. August 22 at Chapel Hill

What loser wrote this garbage???


2) August 22 at Chapel Hill
I know that. I might be there. I was just showing my anticipation for the season.

Thank you for writing this. Obviously reading it was very emotional for me. Thank you again

Thank you for writing this. Obviously reading it was very emotional for me. Thank you again

It was a pleasure to write.

Good stuff, Robby. A very nice story too. Hope Lindsey has success going forward. Obviously our soccer team is going to be KILLER this year.

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Adelante Furia VERDE!!!


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I am too lazy at the moment to put it in Google translator…

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