Charlotte 49ers vs National Champions

It is never football season at Davidson, so they have a fun thread going on their board. What schools with National Championships have we beaten? I’ll start us off with the oldest champion (championship year) – Oregon ('39). We are 1-0 against the Ducks.


NC state (I think?)

Texas Western, now UTEP, 1966

[quote=“Niner National, post:2, topic:29565”]Michigan.

NC state (I think?)[/quote]NC State twice, the 1976 NIT semi final, and a big 18pt win in Raleigh, Rodney White’s year

Well, we beat Syracuse in the season opener after their national championship, so there’s that…

Marquette would be one. Though we really should own their championship…

My first ever Charlotte game, back before I even knew who the 49ers were

I believe there 5 more

Others that immediately come to mind are LOUISVILLE, INDIANA, GEORGETOWN. I’m pretty sure CINCI also won it all when they had Oscar Robertson.


Only school to do that.

Only school to do that.[/quote]Got to give Brendan Plavich a big thanks on that win with his Carrier Dome record 3pters made;
also had the game winning 1/2 court 3 at the buzzer to beat Indiana

Only school to do that.[/quote]

This. It’s the only time a defending national champ has lost their season home opener.

Oklahoma St, Holy Cross, Loyola - Chicago, San Francisco

Louisville, like 16 times,
Cincy, about 8 times.
UTEP three times
Georgetown (in the dance)


Until it was taken away.

[quote=“LeftyNiner, post:16, topic:29565”]Memphis.

Until it was taken away.[/quote]

When has Memphis ever won?

I feel like we should only count wins against defending champions. Syracuse is the lone example from my memory.

[quote=“LeftyNiner, post:16, topic:29565”]Memphis.

Until it was taken away.[/quote]Memphis lost the year they were in the championship.

We beat Marquette in the 77-78 season, didn’t we?